16 de novembre, 2008

Just Us / Just Me (English version)

Sun sign: Aries

Ascendent sign: Scorpio

Moon si...

Enough of this!

Because I believe in Astrology –I've got some very good reasons– and I cherish my privacity.

Just know that I am a big mixture, so my interests can change through the time... the most of them, I mean.

So, the picture –inside Dendera temple, Egypt– at the title of this blog –I can change it anytime– may be a concretion of myself: an ancient thing –yes, I love Ancient Egypt–, the weird thing –that sort of lamp– and a computer in my hands –building my destiny–.

This blog will be devoted to things I like to share, all them a part of myself. At this moment I have other blogs, specialized ones –a part of myself as well–, so I can put links going there. Unavoidable.

But... JUST US!

I would like to invite my friends (real ones, on-line ones, family, etc.) to be co-autors of this blog.

I know everybody does not want/can mantain a blog or think they have not enough stuff to include. So, you can post thinks you like when you like. There are always some days you wish to share something with other people. This is your chance! Just tell me you want to. Write me: mitraxxi@gmail.com.